Contract Lifecycle

Request, Create, Negotiate, Execute and Manage

Novatus Contract Management – Efficiency. Flexibility. Performance. Control

Regardless of industry or size, contracts are among the most important documents managed across the enterprise. Contractual documents are created, negotiated and managed for all mission critical business purposes including procurement, sales, intellectual property, real estate property and information technology. Analysts estimate 60-80% of all business to business transactions are governed by a contractual agreement. The average Fortune 500 corporation maintains 20,000 to 40,000 active contracts. Contract documents dictate the financial, business and legal terms and define the relationships between suppliers and customers. Proper visibility, control and analysis are critical components in effective corporate governance and overall management best practices.

Enterprise Contract Management Solution with High User Adoption

The Novatus solution strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility. As an enterprise contract management system, Novatus is architected for enterprise use across all divisions while also providing each department and their group of users with tailored views and system configuration based on their unique contract types. For example; IT Procurement users have access to create, view and manage IT related contractual agreements while Sales users have access to create view, and manage sell-side agreements for their specific region or territory.

Enterprise Control with User Centric Flexibility

Enable your enterprise of diverse buy and sell side users to co-exist in a single system and manage their contracts through system configurable filtered views and security groups. Provide designated management executives with visibility into every contract enterprise-wide. The Novatus Contracts user centric interface provides configurable browse screens that are configurable for every user, providing an outstanding user experience and more efficient management of information. Available from the main navigation, MyPlace is a is available from the main navigation menu and provides each user with immediate access to; MyContracts, MyEvents, MyPeople, MyTasks and Global Documents. MyPlace is another key feature that provides an organized and efficient management tool for the user community.